Color is at the heart of my process and is the primary factor in the selection, sorting, deconstruction and re-assembling that takes place in the studio.  Within the last number of years, discarded books have taken the place of the fabrics, wood, metals and imagery that were previously my mediums of choice.  The information these old books contain is literally undergoing a transformation in our world, much of it disappearing into thin air or - if deemed useful - taking its place cyber-space.  To my mind, this is not as depressing as it sounds, but rather a manifestation of a greater movement - an evolution away from heaviness and absolutes in favor of ideas that are more fluid and instantly accessible.

It is the covers or “shells” of these castaway books that I find to be precious. Relics of an era, their texture and color are often imbued with a patina that cannot be mimicked.  And it is the associative power of these surfaces that I am after as I distill and utilize them as building blocks and pixels for my compositions.  Guided by intuition my only real goal is to create a new context where these visual elements, free now from the burden of words, can convey new meaning.